Lara Pienaar


A Little Bit About Me Professionally

 Ibex Strategic has been the perfect vehicle for me to balance my analytical mind with my passion for helping people grow their businesses.  I studied  psychology in South Africa and then specialized in organizational psychology, obtaining a Master’s degree from Cleveland State University. 

This background in psychology has served me well in this work. I am constantly struck by how psychology plays out in the business world. Whether it’s the private desire of founders to have the freedom to implement their ideas in the way they see fit, or the organizational culture that is created by subtle messages from management, the personal feelings of people when they interact with a businesses impacts every decision they make concerning the business. These micro-feelings and decisions eventually shape the organization’s destiny.

Psychology is paramount to business success and differentiation, especially in the digital world where the image of a business often precedes in-person experience with it. 

Most prospective clients will have had multiple interactions with a business before they ever sign up with them. They might have visited the website and social media pages, they may have read reviews, they may have clicked on their ads —we see in our research that people vet companies (often many times) before they decide to trust them with their money.

Therefore, what you present digitally should be carefully created to show your true self to your ideal clients. I love honing in on what is special about a client or a company, polishing that and presenting that to the world.

I love using my insight and experience and my team to help clients grow their businesses.

Professional Skills

business strategy
brand development
Web Design & Online Marketing

And Personally

Having lived in America for almost 20 years I understand and appreciate the complexity and diversity of the American business landscape.  I have been awed by its efficiency and the potential that is available to its people. But I grew up and currently live in South Africa and as such also bring a fresh perspective to my work.  I am deeply grateful for technology that makes it possible to collaborate and do work across various time zones and geographic areas. 

Working With Me

I am told that I am inspiring, easy to work with, I fill people with optimism, confidence and a sense of possibility. That makes me happy to hear. I truly love working on projects that I care about and will never accept a project that I do not care about. I carefully manage my team and my team’s time that we can bring our best to every one of the people who trust us. 

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