Peter Kenchington

Partner and SEO
Partner and Operations Officer
+27 71 6133 787

Personal Experience

Peter is our dynamic Operations Manager and resident SEO guru. Before joining our management team in 2020, his impressive 22-year career has taken him to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America. A retired British Army Officer, he later lent his extensive project management and operations experience to anti-poaching efforts in East Africa before settling in Cape Town with his family.

Professional Skills

Leadership and People-Management
Project management

Early Years

A born and bred Zimbabwean, Peter spent his formative years dropping a rod into some of southern Africa’s greatest lakes and rivers, fueling his long-held love of wildlife and the great outdoors. When he’s not tearing downhill on his mountain bike or toting his camera around on safari, he can be found with his nose buried in a good book with a decidedly aged single malt in hand.

Working with Me

Peter relishes the opportunity to bring his extensive operational experience to bear which, coupled with an eye for detail and meticulous planning, help see projects through to successful implementation. He has proven more than capable at engaging with people at every level, from governments to ultra high net-worth individuals to global non-profit organisations and internally displaced people. He finds that striving for, and achieving, success is one of life’s great rewards.